About Multiplex Partners

We help businesses uncover and activate talent through in-depth assessment, powerful executive coaching, structured role profiling and high-impact feedback activation.

The DNA of Multiplex extends back 25 years, to a time when South Africa was learning to be democratic; and when the challenge for people in applied psychology was to act for good, using science, creative business insight and human decency to identify talented people. All of this in a country where talent was often hidden beneath borrowed clothes, underdeveloped English language skills and where many people were not only new to business but were often unfamiliar strangers to the workplace.

In the 21st century, Multiplex takes those lessons and heritage into its work around the world. It is an established organisational development firm operating from Johannesburg into Africa and from Malta into Europe and the Middle East — working with high-aspiration companies that desire real solutions to critical people-development and selection challenges.

Our years of expertise come together to create inspired & tailored solutions for your business


Discover our powerful Assessment products, giving you deep insight into your people and business.

Executive Coaching

Enable your people with tailored, assessment-informed Executive Coaching that unlocks individual potential.

Feedback Activation

Bridge the gap between feedback and behaviour change with specialised, one-on-one Feedback Activation programmes.

Job Profiling

Define the DNA of each job within your organisation to bring clarity of purpose and alignment for business success.

Helping people, & businesses, move forward

Our Assessments, Executive Coaching, Job Profiling and People Activation strategies help organisations around the world enhance culture and increase their return on human capital investment.

Our methodology

Our methodology is simple and effective. Uncover and understand the data, convey and bring meaning to the insights and activate change.


Unlocking potential through rich, blended Assessment

At Multiplex Partners, we believe in the transformative power of understanding people within an organisation. Our initial step involves comprehensive assessments designed to unveil pivotal data which serves as the bedrock for our coaching and activation strategies. At the level of the person, team or business, we decipher unique strengths and areas for development and we pave the way for targeted and effective talent activation.


Executive coaching for change & growth

Building on the insights garnered from assessment, our executive coaching bridges between identification of opportunity and action. By identifying people’s strengths and developmental areas, we suggest a roadmap for growth. Through these programmes, we cultivate a collaborative relationship in which people focus on what’s needed, and foster a culture of continuous improvement and of personal development.


Catalyse to activate change

We operate systematically, transforming insights into lasting outcomes. Our aim isn’t merely to accumulate knowledge; rather, it’s about fuelling the spark that triggers new behaviours aligned with individual and organisational goals. Activation, for us, is the dynamic process that propels teams and people out of familiar thinking patterns and habitual behaviours, guiding them towards fresh responses better suited to today’s challenges and opportunities. We’re not just diagnosing – we’re catalysing change to drive meaningful and sustainable results.

Embracing the Baobab Spirit

The baobab is to African trees, what the elephant is to animals and the blue whale is to the oceans. It stands majestic and unique, working with its environment, retaining water and nourishment, and giving a home to communities of life.

That’s what we do, our methodologies, our intentions and our values are aimed at creating a monumental presence that serves our community of clients and colleagues. Carefully maintained and managed, baobabs define their geography for hundreds of years, supporting communities of life over generations.

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