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Psychometric and behavioural assessment have the power to activate people and teams to be more effective and to realise their potential. Assessment is a core area of our expertise; it is one of the central ways we help clients and candidates think better, make stronger decisions and create insight.

Assess for insight
Assess to activate.

Business runs on data; good decisions need strong evidence.

In our hands, the science of assessment brings rich insight to the question of individual and organisational development. Questions like: “how can we increase the strength of our management team, recruitment by recruitment?”; “how do we improve the impact of our sales?”; “how do we develop key leaders to make a greater impact?” and “how do we build teams with great potential to succeed?”

Multiplex develops and implements a portfolio of assessments which can be used simply, as part of a Multiplex-managed process.

We believe in a holistic evaluation that considers both technical proficiency and essential interpersonal skills for thriving in diverse workplace environments. We use an array of assessments combined with a competency-based interview to paint a comprehensive picture of an individual’s capabilities that enable us to give specific recommendations depending on the purpose of assessment. All of our assessment processes include an assessment report for the client company and individual, as well as a feedback session with the candidate in which we help them to understand the results and identify their strengths and development areas.

assessment products

For selection

Our in-depth competency-based assessments delve into the core qualities that drive success in a specific role. Our approach goes beyond traditional hiring methods, incorporating a meticulous blend of cognitive, personality, and skills assessments. This enables us to make informed and nuanced recommendations about the candidate’s suitability for a given position. What sets us apart is our dedication to understanding not only the unique competencies required by a specific role but also the dynamic demands of the business landscape.

For development

Our in-depth competency-based assessments focus on an individual’s current role and capabilities and their underlying potential to take on further responsibility and complexity in future. Through this we present recommendations for development and support people with feedback to unlock and harness their potential.

Strong selection & development assessment requires careful planning & implementation

Done well, it enables powerful decision-making and it uplifts those being assessed. 

Done poorly, assessment is about tests not people. The results are unclear or contradictory and candidates get wounded.

Depending on the product of your choice, our assessment offering provides insight into:

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Our Assessment products

We offer an array of assessment products that enable us to uniquely and comprehensively fulfil client needs.

Assessment can be used for the purpose of selection (fit to role), individual development, career guidance, pre-coaching, team development and team workshops. Below we highlight our various assessment offerings and where they can add value to solving specific client problems.



Plexiscan Gold


Plexiscan Platinum


Plexiscan Pre-Coaching



Brief Competency Interview
30min Feedback Session
Comprehensive Report

Our foundational assessment offering evaluates candidates’ alignment and proficiency in a defined set of behavioral competencies or agilities. Delivered online, it incorporates various assessment methods, including a brief competency-based interview. Clients receive a comprehensive report within three working days of assessment completion, with an option to discuss the results. Additionally, candidates benefit from a half-hour online developmental feedback session and a personal copy of their report, making Plexibase a professional assessment suitable for junior managers, skilled workers, and graduates.

True decision-insight comes from multiple perspectives. Rather than simply looking at one aspect, Plexibase integrates personality, cognition, team style preference and overall strengths and development areas to provide dependable insight.

Plexiscan Gold

45min Competency Interview
60min Feedback Session
In-Depth Report

A detailed assessment, Plexiscan Gold, analyses candidate alignment with key role and organisational requirements, providing insights into level of work,  current performance and future potential.

It assesses cognition, personality orientation, leadership capacity for growth, culture preferences and is complemented by a 45-minute competency-based interview. The client receives an in-depth report within three working days of assessment completion, offering the option for further discussion. Candidates undergo a one-hour online developmental feedback session and receive a personal report, making Plexiscan Gold valuable for both selection and development across all levels, teams, divisions and industries.

Plexiscan Platinum

2hr Competency Interview
90min Feedback Session
Personal Report

Plexiscan Platinum is a deep-dive comprehensive assessment. It integrates all of the previously mentioned assessments (cognition, personality orientation, leadership capacity for growth, culture preferences), plus team style and an in-depth business and financial acumen assessment. These assessments are integrated with an in-depth 2-hour competency and scenario-based interview.

Clients receive a detailed report, and candidates benefit from a 1–1.5 hour online developmental feedback session and a personal report. Suited for senior management, executive, and C-suite leadership, it serves both selection and development. Plexiscan Platinum provides immensely rich data for the development of a senior talent dashboard, enabling business leaders with all the information they need to make informed decisions.

Plexiscan Pre-Coaching

Deep-Dive Interview
60min Feedback Session
Developmental Report

Enabling effective coaching, Plexiscan Pre-Coaching provides valuable insights for coaches and coachees to anchor powerful coaching interventions.

This affordable mixed-methods assessment includes a deep-dive interview, resulting in a developmental report. Candidates engage in a one-hour feedback session with the assessment leader, fostering collaboration between the coach and coachee.

Ideal for people beginning or progressing on their coaching journey, Plexiscan Pre-Coaching empowers people to shape their growth and unlock their potential through enhanced awareness.

Gain meaningful insight into your people & business

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Frequently asked questions

Still have questions about our Assessment products? Read the following most frequently asked questions and answers, or get in touch with us to find out more.

Our approach is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing us to customise assessments to address your specific needs. With over 25 years of expertise in psychometrics and organisational development consultancy, we have honed our ability to tailor assessments to provide maximum value to your business. If you find yourself uncertain about how our assessment can specifically benefit you, we encourage you to reach out to us. We would be delighted to engage with you, discuss your unique challenges, and explore how our experience and methods can contribute to the success of your organisation.

We employ a unique and comprehensive approach to assessment. Instead of relying on isolated methods of assessing personality, cognition, and leadership, we take pride in our blended approach. Our strength lies in our capacity to design, test, and validate assessments that are precisely tailored to the demands of your industry, market, and specific roles.

We firmly believe that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and that’s why we utilise a combination of tools to provide the most insightful and accurate results. By leveraging a diverse set of assessments, we enhance the depth and breadth of our insights. We don’t solely rely on technological tools; we infuse our assessments with human intelligence, ensuring a nuanced understanding that goes beyond mere data points. If you have any questions or would like to explore how our approach aligns with your needs, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We’re here to provide clarity and assist you in making informed decisions for your organisation.

Our commitment to an ethical and well-managed assessment programme is something we pride ourselves on. We understand the significance of trust when it comes to assessments, and we want you to feel confident in choosing our services.

At the heart of our approach is a dedication to ethical practices. Led by a team of licensed psychometrists, we ensure that our assessments are not only accurate but also conducted with the utmost professionalism and care.

Kindness is a fundamental aspect of our feedback delivery. While honesty is essential, we recognise the potential impact that poorly delivered feedback can have on people. Our goal is to provide constructive feedback that unlocks the potential of each person we assess.

Our philosophy on assessment is rooted in the belief that assessments should not only provide managers and leaders with valuable data but also offer candidates thoughtful and compassionate feedback. We see assessment as a tool that goes beyond providing mere data points – it’s about supporting decision-making with concrete evidence while maintaining a human touch.

One key aspect of our approach is ensuring that feedback is an integral part of the process. Every candidate is offered feedback, presented in a kind and constructive manner. We understand that assessment can be a significant experience for people, and our goal is to make it an enriching one. Whether it’s acknowledging strengths or identifying areas for growth, our feedback is designed to empower candidates to enhance their impact.

We have honed our understanding of what excellence entails in various industries, roles, and levels of work through years of experience. This knowledge forms the basis of our benchmarking process, where we compare assessment results against industry-specific standards.

Our commitment extends beyond aligning with internal standards. To ensure that your business remains globally competitive, we go a step further by benchmarking assessments against global industry standards. This holistic approach ensures that our assessments not only reflect what ‘good’ looks like within your organisation but also position your business on a globally competitive scale.

We have benchmarked a library of competencies for this purpose. While we apply this library across industries and businesses, we recognise that there are instances where it makes sense for companies to develop their own competency framework. In such cases, partnering with us allows you to integrate your company’s specific competency framework as the central measurement template. This collaborative approach defines what we consider high-value corporate assessment.