Leadership Culturescan

Establish and fortify your cultural priorities and behaviours, ensuring seamless integration of new leaders by emphasising a targeted leadership culture and pinpointing potential blind spots or derailers within the current culture.

Align clear vision with a strong corporate culture.

Enhance business strategies through a solid corporate culture

Leaders generally focus on business goals and strategies while spending less time thinking about the environment in which things get done. To the extent that leaders share common priorities and aspirations, they can commit themselves to working together in pursuit of a common vision. On the other hand, a strong culture that is not aligned to organisational vision and strategy can be a significant liability.

"Culture will eat strategy for breakfast every day."
— Peter Drucker

8 Core leadership cultures

We have identified, and verified, eight leadership cultures.
These eight cultures are present and relevant in every organisation, irrespective of industry.

Through Culturescan, we identify and map perceptions of the current leadership culture within your organisation. In doing so, we identify your dominant and least dominant current cultures, and enable you with a deeper understanding of both the internal and external experience, impact and feel of your organisation.









We can see where you are, where you want to be, and how to get you there.

Mapping your culture allows us to see what your strengths and potential blindspots might be. These are in relation to your people, your systems, your strategies and how these all align with your organisations long-term goals.

Strengthening culture within your organisation

There are six facets through which we have learnt to strengthen each of our eight identified cultures within any organisation (regardless of industry).

In the pursuit of aligning where you are with where you want to be, we have developed a series of tools and methods that are specifically tailored to enable you and your people.

Using Culturescan, we can help you answer the following questions

Understand & align your culture & vision

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