Precision Interviewing

Don’t just learn about interviewing — activate new hiring behaviour that helps recruiting managers discover top-tier talent in every interview and hire people that will drive the business forward!

Every new hire changes the DNA of the organisation by either adding or damaging value.

New hires change your business in some way or another

For better or worse, each new person your business hires adds or takes away value. Sometimes the value they add is great and sometimes it’s small; sometimes the value recruits take away is minor and can be remedied over time; sometimes it is massively destructive.

The hiring interview, overseen by hiring managers and HR team members, serves as the principal conduit for talent acquisition within your organisation. It strategically identifies individuals poised to contribute significant value while effectively screening out candidates whose potential impact may be detrimental. 

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Solving a 30-Year old recruitment problem

For 30+ years the recruitment interviewing process has focused on past performance as a predictor of future performance.

This competency-based approach works, but it leaves gaps. People grow and change and who they have potential to be, can be different from who they were. This is particularly true for talented, adaptable people.

The Precision Interview, Strengths-Based Approach incorporates traditional competency-based selection with an exciting strengths-based approach to understanding the candidate’s potential to fit (competencies) and thrive (strengths).

Strengths-based interview questions delve into candidates’ intrinsic motivations, values, and potential for growth – competency-based questions focus on specific skills, past experiences, and established competencies. Both offer insight into the candidate’s suitability for a role, but strengths-based interviews can provide a richer view of an individual’s potential to fit your organisations culture and their potential for long-term success.

precision interviewing strengths based interview hiring programme

We give HR partners & Hiring managers the tools & confidence to host effective interviews & hire value-adding candidates

Many interview training programmes aim to teach about interviewing. The Multiplex approach goes beyond this.

Our strengths-based precision-interviewing training activates new interviewing behaviour amongst hiring managers.

This new behaviour has potential to change interview outcomes in terms of:

  • positive candidate response;
  • decision-accuracy;
  • interviewer skills and confidence;
  • interviewer commitment.

More than just a way to hire better

The skills developed on this course go beyond a selection application. They can have long term influences on managers, affecting other areas of their job and how they approach their work.

Take a look at some of the other areas impacted by using a Strengths-based hiring approach.

Working more confidently, and cutting to the core of broader people-management issues.

Solving problems by understanding the root needs of the situation.

Separating the person and behaviour in contexts like feedback, performance & discipline .

Building commercial awareness around non-KPA aspects of their daily work.

Building more collaborative relationships with colleagues from other teams.

What results & impact you can expect from our Precision Interviewing programme

By the end of this training programme successful hiring managers and HR Business Partners will be able to…

Argue the business case for using strengths-based precision interviewing.
Develop and use the interview guide as a pillar for good practice.
Create powerful, specific questions in keeping with Precision Interviewing.
Recognise and control unintended bias.
Bypass the candidate's marketing efforts to find underlying strength and competence.
Score candidates’ interview performance with confidence.
Repeat the new best practice approach in every interview.
Use behavioural indicators to probe deeply and add accuracy.
Make evidence-based selection recommendations confidently.
Defend their evaluations effectively.

Empower hiring managers & HR partners to hire with intent & success

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