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Every so often there is the question “now what?” after completing a psychometric assessment process and receiving feedback. At the end of an assessment there is a lot of data to be digested and often, people need more support to activate, and to make the opportunity a powerful change moment. This gap lies in having a wealth of knowledge but not necessarily the catalyst to truly harness its value.

To bridge this feedback-action gap, we conduct Feedback Activation.

Feedback Activation is a structured, specialised 4-week programme that compromises of one-on-one sessions led by a development specialist from Multiplex. This intense change programme is structured and delivered around making change. It is not Executive Coaching as it focuses purely on the need to help the person learn from the assessment and then to make needed change.

Understanding Feedback Activation better

Following a deep-dive development assessment that identifies key strengths and development areas, Feedback Activation serves as a means of bridging the ‘What?’ (the assessment) to the ‘So what?’ (the feedback) and the ‘Now what?’ (the feedback activation). It acts to consolidate and activate the findings of the assessment in a way that is deeper and more meaningful than can be explored through a single feedback session.

One of the most impactful aspects of post-assessment feedback is that it is a dynamic, interactive process that seeks to explore the deeper meaning and relevance of the person’s psychometric profile. 

The form in which assessment results and their implications are presented can heavily influence how the person will interpret their meaning and will decide what course of action may be most promising. We know through Psychology’s vast body of knowledge that the language and context in which information is presented can exert profound, sometimes decisive influences. There is huge potential for this to be damaging. Instead, we use our expertise and methodology to create lasting, constructive developmental impact.


What does the assessment tell us?

So what?

Why is the assessment data important?

Now what?

How do we use the insights to activate lasting change?

The impact of Feedback Activation

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