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Beyond goal setting, we cultivate lasting change for powerful and sustainable impact.

Coaching exceptional people to do & achieve more

Activating hidden competencies for personal & professional brilliance

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Leading people and organisations is exciting but can be exhausting. It can be rewarding, but it can also sometimes be maddening. Whatever your experience, the coaches at Multiplex are trained to be your thinking partner through it all.

Multiplex coaches use conversation, listening, contact, experiment, support, challenge, commitment and theory to activate their client’s success.

Activation Coaching is our central process.

People receive feedback all day long: directly or indirectly it comes in the whirlwind of our personal or business lives; new expectations, new resources, restricted options, disruptions, opportunities and challenges. We’re told to be more “flexible but determined”; “people-centred but task-focused”; “warm and engaging but sometimes ruthless”; “focused on consolidation but driving growth”. Business leadership is an impossibly complex environment to master and it makes sense that coaching, with a clear, committed thinking partner adds value.

Coaching works. When two people come into conversation around a single, compelling purpose. When that purpose is you, your skills, your growth and your vision, coaching can be life-changing.

So, how do we unlock improved problem-solving and performance? The answer that we’ve been developing with our academic research partners, our coaches and clients for the past twenty-five years is Activation Coaching. It’s based on the principles of Gestalt and the focus is primarily on increasing the individual’s awareness rather than setting goals. Time spent on deeply understanding the developmental question is far more profitable than time spent chasing countless goals or objectives.

Activation coaching is about results, we achieve better results than other, goal-centred approaches, particularly in complex, high level roles where the change involves a new sense of identity rather than simply new actions.

Our Executive Coaching services focus on the following aspects

Specialised-Change Coaching

Preparation For New Roles & Life Changes

Individual Coaching

Powerful Personal Coaching & Direction

Group & Team Coaching

Coaching teams towards being more dynamic & effective

Executive Coaching Opportunity

Leadership is a lonely journey. But, it doesn’t have to be. James invites you take him up on an exclusive offer, 6-months of one-on-one coaching to help you activate your potential and do more, achieve more and live more.

Watch the following video and click the “Book a meet” button to get in touch with James and discover how he can help you, or your business.

Specialised-Change Coaching

Good coaches have the skill to gradually unfold new behaviour and responses but sometimes there’s a need for more urgent or specific change.

Multiplex’s specialised-change coaches are experts at activating change and helping people transition into new landscapes and situations in their lives.

Our Specialised-Change Coaching assists people with challenges such as:

Individual Coaching

Coaching has become one of the most valued personal development strategies in the world because it is so effective. One-on-one individual coaching is flexible both in terms of your time, with coaching generally scheduled for 1 hour bimonthly, and in terms of your geography, with the majority of our coaching conducted virtually.

Feeling overwhelmed, disheartened or exhausted in one’s career is a common reality and is one of the biggest themes we work with. Coaching is an opportunity to work with a professional coach, to talk about what is happening and to figure out what the next steps are.

Our Individual Coaching supports a variety of situations & needs, these often include:

Group Coaching

We use group coaching as an effective tool when working with teams to improve their productivity and to enhance relationships within the team. Our experience with group coaching, although focused on the group, has also shown its effectiveness unlocking and amplifying personal strengths, self-efficacy, leadership qualities, and team building capabilities of individuals.

Group coaching in organisations has become increasingly common in recent decades with Human Resources and organisational development teams expected to regularly deliver coaching support. Professional group coaching has many benefits, not least is the ability to strengthen team bonds and team alignment.

Informed by Psychology, Neuroscience and over 20 years of industry experience, Multiplex has learnt how best to apply and adapt our approach to group coaching to best unlock the talent and potential of your team.

Leverage the power of meaningful coaching

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