Command Your Day: A Practical Guide to Transform Chaos into Control

In the dynamic world of business, I have found that juggling various tasks, priorities, and deadlines can be overwhelming. I am sure I am not the only one. While you often hear about the importance of time management, I don’t know many people who explore the matter further than just wondering to themselves “I wonder […]

Become a Results Engine: The manager who makes things happen

Everyone has a work-reputation; Pete is a solo-furnace, if you give him a task that fits his ability he’ll get it done, Sinlee has an amazing way of making her teams work, Sam is exceptional at solving problems and creating good plans, Daphne talks a good talk, but doesn’t always turn words into results.  At […]

Feeling (psychologically) safe at work

In the fast-paced world of deadlines and targets, the often-overlooked heartbeat of the workplace is its psychological safety. Amy Edmondson’s ‘matrix of accountability’ defines the journey from disengagement to innovation, revealing the critical interplay between accountability and psychological safety. Reflecting on my career, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of moving from the Anxiety Zone to the Learning Zone, where a psychologically safe environment, cultivated through open dialogue and empathy, propels teams towards excellence. At Multiplex Partners, our commitment to values creates a fertile ground for professional and personal growth, proving that psychological safety is the heartbeat of a thriving workplace.

Strengthening resilience

Change is constant and we face unprecedented, unpredictable challenges, the ability to navigate such circumstances is paramount.