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Welcome to Multiplex. We’re a forward-thinking, people-first organisational development firm.

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Life-Saving Competency Assessments
Through our Assessment products, a security firm has bolstered its life-saving capabilities through enhanced competency evaluations.
Fostering Entrepreneurship in Health Sciences
Our comprehensive suite of expertise has emboldened health science academics to lead entrepreneurial endeavours amidst the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Transformative Executive Coaching Results
Our Gestalt Activation Coaching services have delivered profound change, as evidenced by hundreds of successful executive coaching engagements.
Strategic Talent Profiling Initiative
A leading hospital group has employed our Competency-Based Assessments and organisational development best practices to curate an extensive talent database, nurturing leadership at every tier.
Brand Leadership Strengthening
A property holding company has utilised our Executive Coaching for brand leaders to bolster their market share aspirations.
Supportive Leadership During Health Crises
Over two challenging years, our group coaching for nursing managers from eleven hospitals provided sustained support and stability through the COVID-19 pandemic.
Executive Impact Acceleration
A gold-mining enterprise has adopted our Executive Impact Accelerator to prime local leaders for their transition into the C-suite.
Strategic Hiring Partnerships
Companies have reinforced their workforce through strategic, science-based hiring practices, with our exceptional assessment partnerships guiding each decision.
Graduate Talent Assessment Expertise
Our decades of experience in graduate assessment centres have been pivotal in identifying and fostering top-tier talent.
Reimagined Corporate and Team Development Consulting
A major banking group has crafted a competency framework with our firm to delineate its roles, shaping its selection, performance management, and talent acquisition strategies.
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Uncover & activate talent on every level

Multiplex has over 25 years experience in assessing, developing and activating talent in organisations. 


Discover our powerful Assessment products, giving you deep insight into your people and business.

Executive Coaching

Enable your people with tailored, assessment-informed Executive Coaching that unlocks individual potential.

Feedback Activation

Bridge the gap between feedback and behaviour change with specialised, one-on-one Feedback Activation programmes.

Job Profiling

Define the DNA of each job within your organisation to bring clarity of purpose and alignment for business success.

Dedicated to uncovering talent and driving success

We work together with businesses to activate their people, unlock growth and foster a meaningful, thriving culture.

Insight-rich assessment & data

Understanding your people is the first step to activating their talent. Our assessments uncover rich data that we use to map and unlock potential.

Executive Coaching for change

Our executive coaching and feedback methodologies are underpinned by building awareness and intensifying action-potential.

Clear direction & talent activation

We bridge the gap between the data and the doing and empower individuals to move forward with confidence and determination, with a clear path to success.

Get to know our methodology

Dive deeper into our methodology and learn how we can unlock and activate talent in your organisation.

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See what some of the leaders and learners from organisations that we’ve helped have to say about working with us.


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