Become a Results Engine: The manager who makes things happen

Everyone has a work-reputation; Pete is a solo-furnace, if you give him a task that fits his ability he’ll get it done, Sinlee has an amazing way of making her teams work, Sam is exceptional at solving problems and creating good plans, Daphne talks a good talk, but doesn’t always turn words into results.  At […]

Embracing evolution: Multiplex unveils a new chapter in our journey

We’re thrilled to unveil Multiplex’s refreshed identity, symbolizing our commitment to innovation in organizational development. Alongside our new look, we introduce the Multiplex Blog, a platform for insights, collaboration, and continuous learning. As we pivot into the future, expect groundbreaking shifts in healthcare coaching, advanced assessments, leadership development, and innovative psychometric tools. Join us on this exciting journey, where tradition meets transformation at Multiplex.

Spry: Executive functioning

Acts or comments that hurt or isolate a person from belonging or from feeling safe. Sometimes it can involve negative physical contact but at work this is more rare than verbal bullying.