Embracing evolution: Multiplex unveils a new chapter in our journey

We’re thrilled to unveil Multiplex’s refreshed identity, symbolising our commitment to innovation in organisational development. Alongside our new look, we introduce the Multiplex Blog, a…

We’re on the brink  of a new era, and now with immense excitement and pride, I can introduce you to the next phase of our journey. Multiplex’s roots extend deep into the heart of South Africa, our legacy spans 26 years since Cathy and I launched our first business at a pivotal time; South Africa was embracing democracy and laying the foundation for a future of diversity and inclusion. Our early days were marked by the challenge to harness the power of applied psychology for good. We embarked on a mission, armed with science, creative business insight, and an unwavering commitment to human decency. Our goal was clear – to unearth the hidden talents within a nation where potential often lurked beneath borrowed clothes and underdeveloped language skills.

Fast forward to the present, and Multiplex stands proudly as a leader in the field of organisational development. From our roots in Johannesburg, we expanded our footprint, reaching across Africa and extending into Europe and the Middle East from Malta. We’ve partnered with high-aspiration companies, offering real solutions to their most pressing people-development and selection challenges.

Now, as we navigate the dynamic landscapes of the mid-20s, we carry along the invaluable lessons and the rich heritage that have shaped us. But as evolution is the essence of progress, it’s time for Multiplex to pivot in order to continue leading the way in people-based organisational development.

The unveiling of Multiplex’s new identity

Our journey takes a bold turn with the unveiling of our refreshed look. The rebrand is not just about a new logo or catchy tagline; it’s a reflection of our commitment to evolving. We’ve reimagined our visual identity to represent the innovative spirit that drives us forward, better.

Launching our blog: A platform for insight & innovation

Along with our rebrand, we’re launching the Multiplex Blog –where ideas can converge and be explored, where insights are shared, and innovation is centre stage. This blog is more than a collection of words; it’s testament to our commitment to transparency, collaboration, and continuous learning.

Why a blog? In today’s fast-paced world, information is key, and knowledge is power. We want to empower our community – clients, partners, and enthusiasts alike – with valuable insights into the world of organisational development, applied psychology, and the ever-evolving landscape of business.  We don’t learn through experience, we learn through reflecting on that experience and that’s a central purpose of the blog, to narrate the story of innovations and to reflect and learn.

What to expect: The future of Multiplex

As we pivot, our clients and communities can expect more than a new look; our essence remains rooted in our dedication to providing exceptional service. Over the months and years ahead we will use technology differently from how we have in the past, and as traditional assessment becomes an antique historical memory, we’ll lead in blending new technologies with sound psychological practice, adding profound insight to the companies and professionals who work with us.

Imagine a future where data-driven insights shape every decision, where the power of AI enhances our ability to identify and nurture talent. Multiplex is committed to building on technological advancements, to ensure that our clients meet both the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow.

Pivot point 1

In 2024 and beyond, Multiplex will turn its executive coaching power toward the field of healthcare: our experience in this field over the past years has prepared us to offer immense value to scientists, practitioners and healthcare leaders

Pivot point 2

Our established assessment function will develop further and will continue  to provide exceptional blended assessments at three price and depth levels:  Platinum, Gold and Plexibase. These assessments are state-of the art in reducing the risk in selecting or developing people all of the way from team leader, to Director.

Pivot point 3

Leadership development is back in new forms!  As we built our coaching and assessment functions over the past four years, we took time to figure out how we develop leaders, in groups and individually, in ways that make a profound difference.  We are no, and don’t want to be a, business school because our aim is not to teach about leadership.  Our aim is to shift people to act differently and to bring positive impact to their followers and their teams.  We already run ongoing leadership programmes for companies that take themselves seriously, and we’ll be extending this capacity in 2024.

Pivot point 4

We’ve built competency assessment tools for years now but in the past two years we’ve started developing a handful of new, psychometric tools, and we’ll develop a launch plan starting later in 2024.  Look out too for our delivery platform called Plexus.  We’ll be able to deliver our assessments effectively, reporting results in ways that you’ll find intriguing and we’ll be able to benefit from whatever profound new technologies emerge along the way.

Our blog will become a gateway to this future. We’ll delve into the latest trends in organisational development, share success stories from the field, and provide practical tips for navigating the complex landscape of talent development.

Join us

Thank you for being central to our story and as Multiplex evolves, we invite you to stay with us.  Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and connection remains unwavering. For us the excitement is about how we .

Here’s to the next chapter of Multiplex’s journey in which tradition meets transformation, and in which the power of applied psychology continues to shape a world of possibility.

Warmest regards,
James Ashton
Chief Executive, Multiplex




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